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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What Is Smart Passive Income?

There is this eternal question many people ask;"Can money
 still be made on the Internet? And the answer is yes! a
 resounding yes and of course that question is invariably
 followed by this one:"what  way will that be? Here, I need
to pause a bit, to try and give you my  best answer.

 The opportunities are as manifold as the stars in a
clear night sky. Well, maybe, not quite as many as that but
when we look at the many different ways to earn money, it
boggles the mind.

From affiliate marketing, which is when you sell products or
services, belonging to other people, to selling your expertise
as a motivational therapist, maybe you are really great at
designing profitable web sites which you then sell to people
or organizations for profit.

I am not young, and some actually refer to guys like me, as
being from a time called B.C. not in the anthropological sense
but from a time BEFORE COMPUTERS! I am from an age
where the computing power inside a laptop of today, would
occupy an entire room!

In spite of this, I had managed to teach myself sufficient com-
puter skills to understand the process well enough, to have
actual money going into the credit section of my PayPal account.
I have been, and will always be a huge fan of Pat Flynn's from
www.Smart Passive Income.com fame. And if you don't know of
him, Why not Google his link above, and you will see why.

As the name suggests, Pat makes most of his money "passively"
This simply means that you choose some good niches or
topics and create websites with those topics as titles. Then
 you do some serious research on those subjects and finally
write useful information for readers who are interested in
them. As you prove to be an authority, which is none other
than someone who has studied the subject well and in depth
enough, to white about all aspects of it.

Once you have created a website which is both functional
in that visitors requiring information on the subject can take
your advice readily, because you have convincingly described
what there is to know about the subject. And also, that it will
provide a steady stream of passive income which will generate
a steady supply of cash into your PayPal account for years to
come, often even long after you had passed on.
The way your site will provide a constant flow of cash is
firstly, from random visitors to your site, who click on the
Google Adsense advertisements on your page, Google pays
you a percentage of the money they make, secondly If you
are promoting a topic related Click Bank product written by
someone else, and their book is sold from your website, to
 one of your readers, you stand to make as much as 75%
of the price, without doing a thing.

Blogging or posting articles on a few dozen different,
high quality websites, belonging to you, can produce a steady
flow of monthly income from each of them, often, if chosen
the correct hot topics it could for years. All you have to do,
is market your sites everywhere, and making sure to update
with fresh information frequently.