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Thursday, October 30, 2014

WARNING! Your Gum Disease May Have Caused Your Erectile Dysfunction

“To associate gum disease, the major preventable cause of tooth loss in adults, with such a taboo subject amongst males is not something that should be taken lightly,” Carter said. “If, in theory, four out of five men who suffer from erectile dysfunction have poor oral health, the effect it could have on their general health poses a serious health risk to those individuals affected.”

According to Carter, it is well known that gum disease has been linked to many conditions in the past that could have a detrimental effect on general health, such as heart disease and diabetes. When people have gum disease, bacteria from the mouth may enter their bloodstream; therefore, it should come as no surprise that this piece of research has linked vascular erectile dysfunction, another cardiac-related condition, with gum disease.

You Can Reverse the symptoms, seriously, moderate exercise, (loose jut a tiny bit of flab) Brush and floss your teeth minimum 3 times a day, There may be some bleeding of the gums at first, then gradually they will toughen up and you will even start feeling, less sluggish and feel a lift in your energy level. As you brush and do a little bit of exercise, drink some water an eat more protein foods, fish, meat, eggs, avocados, beans and nuts, see how you go in the department concerned, give it time, you may have a touch of performance anxiety at first, i'ts natural

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

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