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Home remedies for Arthritis Arthritis is debilitating inflammatory medical disorder affecting primarily the joints & other connective tissues. It is further divided into more than 100 forms with a diverse set of causes & localizations. With an estimate 50 million patients in the US alone, this disease concerns a large number of persons & understanding its symptoms & proper care is a must. The main complaint where having arthritis is pain & inflammation of the joints & the nearby area, thus leading to movement difficulties, muscle strains & fatigue. Usually, patients also suffer from a decrease in quality of life & the resulting psychological effects are long lasting & require special attention. Arthritis will affect nearly every one of us at some point in our lives. Thankfully, there are a number of treatment options to deal with arthritis. The most common is medication available either over the counter or from your doctor. The downside though is tha…


Stroke has a new indicatorThey say if you e.mail this to ten people, you stand a chance of saving one life. Will you send this along?Blood Clots/Stroke - They Now Have a Fourth Indicator, the Tongue
Remember the 1st Three Letters..... S. T. R.


During a BBQ, a woman stumbled and took a little fall - she assured everyone that she was fine (they offered to call paramedics) ...she said she had just tripped over a brick because of her new shoes.

They got her cleaned up and got her a new plate of food. While she appeared a bit shaken up, Jane went about enjoying herself the rest of the evening.

Jane's husband called later telling everyone that his wife had been taken to the hospital - (at 6:00 PM Jane passed away.) She had suffered a stroke at the BBQ. Had they known how to identify the signs of a stroke, perhaps Jane would be with us today. Some don't die. They end up in a helpless, hopeless condition instead.

It only takes a minute to read this.


Source:  Lee

Cancer-fighting mineral is almost totally ignored A Michigan doctor finds that nearly 100 percent of the patients he tests are deficient in a particular mineral. This mineral is one everyone has heard of — and you probably think you get plenty from your food. The fact is, most of us don’t. And the lack of this vital nutrient is definitely a cause of breast cancer and breast cysts. It’s very likely a cause of prostate cancer, too — and probably a factor in many other types of cancer. This mineral kills off breast cancer cells without killing off normal cells in the process. It’s ideal for both the treatment AND the prevention of breast cancer. In fact, keep reading and I’ll tell you about a woman with late-stage breast cancer who saw her tumors disintegrate in less than four weeks thanks to this mineral. Opponents of alternative medicine have a fit when they see a story like this. They call it quackery. I’ll wear the "quack" label …
This review was written by  Fr Paul Clayton-LeaClogherhead, Co Louth

 who was inspired by the book: WHERE TO FROM HERE
 By the author: Brian Grogan SJ.
He is a former President of Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy in Dublin and is Emeritus Associate Professor of Spirituality there. He works and writes on Ignatian Spirituality and is the author of reflective ‘Living’, ‘Love Beyond All Telling’, ‘Finding God in All Things’ and ‘Our Graced Life-Stories’.

During a visit to a day centre for the elderly recently, an animated discussion broke out about life after death. While all those present were baptised Catholics several asked a very common question: ‘If there is a life after death why has no one come back to tell us?’ In his latest publication Where To From Here?

Brian Grogan SJ addresses this neglected yet vital question for human beings. We know of its importance within our own faith community because of the deep links Irish people maintain with deceased loved o…

Other than the US $, nothing is made in the USA anymore!

This is what a candidate said recently:in USA while making a speech for up coming
Other than the US $, nothing is made in the USA anymore!

Actually, this is pretty sad.

John Smith started the day early having
set his alarm clock

**(MADE IN JAPAN ) **for 6 am ..

While his coffeepot


was perking, he shaved with his

electric razor


He put on a

dress shirt


designer jeans



tennis shoes


After cooking his breakfast in his new

electric skillet


he sat down with his



to see how much he could spend today. After setting his



to the radio


he got in his car


filled it with GAS

**(from Saudi Arabia ) **

and continued his search

for a good paying AMERICAN JOB.

At the end of yet another discouraging

and fruitless day

checking his


**( made in MALAY…


99% of life on Earth depends on this
"Ultra-Food"... and yet, less than 1%
of Human Beings eat it!
According to NASA research, if this "ultra-food" disappeared from the planet,
nearly all life would cease to exist.

And yet, this super-food was not available to humans in its rawest, purest form.

Until now...

What I'm about to share with you is Mother Nature’s Original Super-food. And when you ingest it, this ultra-food "triggers" your body to create trillions of healthy new cells!

It's an "ultra-food" that you may have never heard of, but it's been around since the beginning of life on Earth.

Up until recently, this ultra-food was simply not available for human consumption in its rawest, purest form.

And that's too bad…

Because just one dose contains hundreds of nutrients, vitamins and over 92 trace minerals.

And because of the size of this "ultra-food" (it's about two microns, this is four times smaller than a red bl…


Can You Hear Me Now? Dear Subscribers,

For those of you who are constantly straining to hear every spoken word, always adjusting your hearing aids, or dealing with aggravating ringing in the ears, this is going to be unbelievably good news!

In this very revealing report you’re about to discover a natural breakthrough solution to hearing loss. The best part of this discovery is that you now have a collective solution that really works. One that will completely nourish your ears back to health without drops, wax cleanings, sound-reducing devices or even hearing aids!
All you need to do, is to take the recommended daily dosages.  

This advancement in hearing health came after many years of listening to my Dad expressing his frustration with continuous buzzing in his head. The information you’re about to read below will be life changing. You or a loved one will now be able to improve your hearing quality well beyond anything you've tried before.

Imagine once again being able to hear music a…

Subject: Obama ... fact or conspiracy?

1. Back in 1961 people of color were called "Negroes". So why / how can the Obama 'birth certificate' state he is 'African-American' when the term wasn't even coined or used at that time?

2. The birth certificate that the White House released lists Obama's birth as August 4, 1961, and Barack Hussein Obama as his father. No big deal, right? At the time of Obama's birth, it also shows that his father is aged 25 years old, and that Obama's father was born in "Kenya, East Africa." This wouldn't seem like anything of concern, except the fact that Kenya did not even exist until 1963, two whole years after Obama's birth, and 27 years after his father's birth. How could Obama's father have been born in a country that did not yet exist? Up and until Kenya was formed in 1963, it was known as the " British East Africa Protectorate".

3. On the birth certificate released by…

Medical Treatment and Surgery in India with We Care India: How much does heart surgery cost in India? – Affor...

Medical Treatment and Surgery in India with We Care India: How much does heart surgery cost in India? – Affor...: When it comes to treating a serious heart ailment, especially where heart surgery is indicated, the first concern should be - quali... Thank you for your valued comments. I particularly like what your organization does and am uplifted by your caring spirit.


By Dr Robert Carlson
Heart Surgeon and
Weight Loss Expert
Have you ever wondered why you can go to the gym and run on the treadmill religiously while watching your calorie intake and not lose a single pound? The startling truth as to why this is so has been revealed in a new study I have conducted with my patients. This is breaking news and you will be shocked about what I am about to tell you.
Millions of people each year try to lose weight and fail. They rely on the same strategies that have been failing for decades. Why is this? Well, this stems from a misunderstanding of the true factors involved in why we put on weight in the first place. Most people have perfectly functioning metabolisms when they're younger that deteriorate over time as they age. This may have happened to you.characteristics in my patients that struggle with their weight. These characteristics have not changed in the 30 years I’ve been a practicing heart surgeon. This has also …