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A Spot Of Good Cheer From Australia

Hello dear readers, I was so inspired by my friend Leah from Australia's webpage, she offers great products at bargain prices, :Free Shipping on Wholesale Fashion Clothing Online! Don't pay for shipping on your wholesale fashion online purchases!

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A Bit About Leah I'm a hard-working mom who loves to crochet in her spare time. I donate most of the blankets and little amigurumi crochet toys & creatures I make to the local animal shelters - with the exception of a few orders for friends and family in between. I have a wonderful husband and a gorgeous daughter who I love to bits and I also love to write!

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Hi, I just had myself a great laugh, and felt like sharing this joke, which my daughter, living in Dublin, Ireland had sent me, It goes like this… What do you do if a Kerryman throws a pin at you? You run like hell – he’s probably got the grenade between his teeth, read on...

Landfill Harmonic Amazing and Inspirational