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I was listening to a discussion on R.S.G., a local South African radio station where this topic was being discussed by financial experts were discussing this topic and the below information was shared with the listeners; Debt collectors are devising devious and illegal ways to extort cash from you, BEWARE!

All debt is prescribed after 3 years, excluding
A home loanMunicipal accountsMonies owed to SARSYour TV License , which is never prescribed. What this implies is, that no one has the right to demand any prescribed debt older than 3 years.

WHAT IS PRESCRIBED DEBT? 20 June 2013 Do you have prescribed debt? Prescribed debt can be explained as old debt that has not been acknowledged over a period of three years. More specifically, a debt is prescribed if: You have not acknowledged the debt in the past three consecutive years, either in writing or verballyYou have not made a payment promised to make a payment to the outstanding debt amountYou have no…



We are living in treacherous and murky times.

Most of the 40,000 visitors to my site are described in the contents of this letter, dazed and too afraid to say anything going through life, taking and giving nothing back in return. perhaps this letter will get them to respond!

The horror and atrocities, in Syria and the senseless bloodshed of countless "lambs". Yes, we live in a time of great pain and confusion. As fellow creators and dreamers of this world, we beg you not to become discouraged by what you see and hear but to use your own life as a vehicle for the construction of peace.
It’s true that the issues facing our world are complex, yet the answer to peace is simple; it begins with you. You don’t have to live in a third world country to make a difference. Each of us was put on earth with a unique mission. We are all links in a giant chain, where the weakness  of one link profoundly affects the entire chain, You matter, your actions matter.

This lett…