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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Best Way to Secure Your Home Against Burglary in South Africa. : Your Best Defence Against House Robberies in South...

Best Way to Secure Your Home Against Burglary in South Africa. : Your Best Defence Against House Robberies in South...: Your Best Defence Against House Robberies in South Africa Professor Rudolph Zinn and Brigadier Piet Byleveld shed light on how criminal...

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


I was listening to a discussion on R.S.G., a local South African radio station where this topic was being discussed by financial experts were discussing this topic and the below information was shared with the listeners; Debt collectors are devising devious and illegal ways to extort cash from you, BEWARE!

All debt is prescribed after 3 years, excluding
  • A home loan
  • Municipal accounts
  • Monies owed to SARS
  • Your TV License
, which is never prescribed. What this implies is, that no one has the right to demand any prescribed debt older than 3 years.


20 June 2013

Do you have prescribed debt?

Prescribed debt can be explained as old debt that has not been acknowledged over a period of three years. More specifically, a debt is prescribed if:
  • You have not acknowledged the debt in the past three consecutive years, either in writing or verbally
  • You have not made a payment promised to make a payment to the outstanding debt amount
  • You have not been summoned to make a payment by a creditor for the debt within the past three consecutive years

What type of debt does prescription relate to?

These are examples of debt which can become prescribed if the correct rules are followed:
  • Retail accounts
  • Credit card accounts
  • Telkom accounts
  • Personal Loans / Payday Loans
  • Gym memberships
  • Cellphone accounts
  • Monies owed on vehicle finance

Not all debt prescribes in three years. A 30 year prescription period relates to;

  • A home loan
  • Municipal accounts
  • Monies owed to SARS
  • Your TV License

What does this mean for you as a consumer?

Everyone has to pay off their debt. It is wrong not to pay it off. However, it is also wrong for a debt collector or credit provider to demand payment many years after you have defaulted on the account.

If your debt has prescribed;

It has been dormant for three of more years, a debt collector cannot ask you to pay off your debt and it is against the law if they do.
The National Credit Amendment Act, published 13 March 2015, prohibits the sale and collection of Prescribed Debt.
Thus, you do not need to know about prescription and will not have to raise it as a defence in order to prevent you from having to pay for the debt.
Unless the debt collector or credit provider can prove that your debt is not prescribed, tell them to stop harassing you. It is advised that you also put this in writing, so that there is a record of it.
If they persist, request the original loan agreement/contract, proof of default, the outstanding amount and interest accrued. This should stop the debt collector from harassing you.

If your debt has not prescribed;

You have acknowledged your outstanding debt within a period of three years or have made a payment, your debt remains valid and you are accountable for paying it off.

You can make arrangements with DebtBusters to help you pay back your debt.

Simply fill in the free call back form on the right hand side and a DebtBusters financial consultant will call you back. If you are not sure whether you have prescribed debt, DebtBusters will be able to help you find out.

Friday, June 3, 2016



We are living in treacherous and murky times.

Most of the 40,000 visitors to my site are described in the contents of this letter, dazed and too afraid to say anything going through life, taking and giving nothing back in return. perhaps this letter will get them to respond!

The horror and atrocities, in Syria and the senseless bloodshed of countless "lambs". Yes, we live in a time of great pain and confusion. As fellow creators and dreamers of this world, we beg you not to become discouraged by what you see and hear but to use your own life as a vehicle for the construction of peace.
It’s true that the issues facing our world are complex, yet the answer to peace is simple; it begins with you. You don’t have to live in a third world country to make a difference. Each of us was put on earth with a unique mission. We are all links in a giant chain, where the weakness  of one link profoundly affects the entire chain, You matter, your actions matter.

This letter is written with the entire world in mind and my thoughts transcend all boundaries and apply to all people, regardless of who you are or what your circumstances are.


You are not alone. Even your thoughts are elements of a larger mindset as we cannot create alone. What this world needs is the culmination of the emerging humanistic awakening of the desires of many who are trying to raise their life's condition to a place where our actions are rooted in altruism and compassion.

 You cannot hide; you have to be human. Right now, no matter where you are, focus your energy on becoming the best human you can be. Focus on developing empathy and compassion. Through this process you’ll tap into a collective wealth of inspiration rooted in the complexity and curiosity of what it really means to exist on this planet.


We have this idea of failure, but it’s not real; it’s an illusion. There is no such thing as failure. What you perceive as failure is really a new opportunity, a new hand of cards, or a new canvas to create upon. In life there are unlimited opportunities. The words, “success” and “failure”, themselves, are nothing more than labels. Every moment is an opportunity. You, as a human being, have no limits; therefore infinite possibilities exist in any circumstance.


The world needs more one-on-one interaction among people of diverse origins with a greater emphasis on art, culture and education. Our differences are what we have in common. We can work to create an open and continuous plane where all types of people can exchange ideas, resources, thoughtfulness and kindness. We need to be connecting with one another, learning about one another, and experiencing life with one another.

We can never have peace if we cannot understand the pain in each other’s hearts. The more we interact, the more we will come to realize that our humanity transcends all differences.


Arrogance can develop within a business or culture, either from someone who believes that their status makes them more important, or those whose association with a specific creative field entitles them to some sort of superiority. Beware of ego; creativity cannot flow when only the ego is served.


The medical field sets a gleaming beacon with an organization called Doctors Without Borders. This giant effort can serve as a model for all, transcending the limitations and strategies of old business formulas which are designed to perpetuate old systems in the guise of new ones. \

This amazing international aid system is already in place and has existed for several years, discarding the antiquated system that conditions consumers to purchase only the products that are dictated to be deemed marketable, a system where money is the only means to an end. Living with such integrity can bring forth unimaginable benefits to all living creatures.


As we grow older, parts of our imagination tend to fade. Whether from sadness, prolonged struggle, or social conditioning, somewhere along the way people forget how to tap into the inherent magic that exists within our minds. Don’t let that part of your imagination fade away. Start a gratitude journal, made famous by Oprah Winfrey, (she attributes her entire wealth to the "counting of daily blessings")

Much of what exists is a product of someone’s imagination; treasure and nurture yours and you’ll always find yourself on the precipice of discovery.

You may be asking, how any of this lend to the creation of a peaceful society, well, It begins with a cause. Your causes create the effects that shape your future and the future of all those around you.

Be the leaders in the movie of your life. You are the director, producer, and actor. Be bold and tirelessly compassionate as you dance through the voyage that is your life.

From a letter: By Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock To the Next Generation of Artists