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Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Hello, My name Andre’ Hartslief, I believe that In life, there are no justified resentments.

So, we as the advanced species, need to learn to emulate the animal kingdom by getting past blame.In removing blame from our lives, we take a firm stance against assigning responsibility to anyone else for what we are experiencing at any given point. 
Silence is a good place to start, for in silence we discover our oneness and also the Creator’s indivisibility. We need to urgently make conscious contact with the Almighty and one way is to embrace silence in the face of adversity and another way is to write about it on VIRILY.COM. 
Opening a channel where all who need spiritual solace can read and be comforted. If you have a selfless passion to assist and advise other like-minded individuals, you will be welcomed by a vastly growing community of likened individuals and a friendly, highly responsive staff like Natalie who will assist and guide you in ways of reaching a maximum readership for your "special brand" of content. 
”Old legends fade while new giants emerge in our world of sobering truths and eternal hope.” One such place is VIRILY.COM 

Friday, November 3, 2017


One of the dangers of living in our breakneck culture is the need for speed. 

The fast pace of life keeps our minds very busy, it then becomes easy to ignore your body when it's trying to tell you something. 

Many of you have long lost the ability to connect the dots of how you feel with regard to the foods you eat.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

7 Ways To Avoid Giving Up

The global birth rate is bursting at the seams and not only for the obvious reasons like wonton lust!

In spite of what doomsday prophets are shouting, people are living longer healthier lives than at any stage in human existence. Taking just one reason from the many other complex reasons, medicine in less than a decade has quadrupled in quality and availability. So then, why are there more suicides than ever before?

If you would say that stress is also at a premium level you and 9 million others who know this, would be right. Just looking at teen suicides attributed to "Exam Stress" is at a global high. 

On a global scale, suicide is the second highest cause of death in the age group 15 to 34 and in this group, it was found, that men are 4 times more likely to kill themselves. "For reasons we don't fully understand, some people reach such depths of despair and pain that they begin to believe that they would be better off dead," said Dr. John Campo, the chair of psychiatry and behavioral health at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. 

In my short video below, I address 7 genuinely helpful ways to help "defuse" negativity and boost your self-worth to where it ought to be, in a state of joyful acceptance of where you are at this present moment and which will instantly unlock the imaginary, yet frighteningly realistic 'shackles of hopelessness and despair. Yes, dear friend, the ultimate truth regarding fear, is your perception of a given situation. The only real fear in life is fear itself. Change your thinking and you win!

This is hard for anyone suffering from this "con-dition" to understand, unless, you have, like me, already been there and escaped. Once you realize that there is only one thing we all have absolute control of, we can choose how we are going to react to any bad situation life has dealt us, we can collapse into a bottomless pit of despair or we can turn it around and methodically help the next person escape to a state of joy!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017