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Monday, December 21, 2015

Is Your Life Over After 50?

Are you feeling lately, like you’re running out of time to be the person you dreamed to become when you were little?

Do you ever resent yourself for not having a more successful life? 

Do you ever worry that you’ll never fulfill your purpose in life?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then listen closely…
Because even if you haven’t reached all your goals yet, doesn’t mean you can’t still achieve them!
In fact, your fifties can be much better than your twenties!


Yes, finally the right person receives credit for his noble deeds. Read all about it here

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

World’s first anti-ageing drug could see humans live to 120

Here is an incredible skin rejuvenator

One day, I overheard my husband refer to me as a “wrinkled old prune.” When I confronted him, he went as far as boldly telling me “I CHEATED on you because you’re too old!” and then he divorced me! This was a painful, humiliating shock. Until that point, no one had ever addressed the fact that my face had gotten so wrinkled and old and I had been in denial.
Today, I am thankful for that comment because it motivated me. I knew I needed to get my face and skin healthy for me, and me alone. Had I not changed my lifestyle, I am certain I was on my way to looking like an old, dried-up prune. I took a long, painful look in the mirror and knew I had to do something fast!"
Ashley tried one method after another with little or no results. She even considered plastic surgery but was hesitant to go under the knife. Thing were looking hopeless until a few weeks ago while watching The Ellen Show, Ashley listened to Dr. Oz EXPOSE his Hollywood hidden skincare secret. read on

Scientists believe the common diabetes drug 
metformin could hold the secret of long life and 
want to start a groundbreaking human trial in 2016
If you can stand the nausea, diarrhea and headaches that are its side-effects, I am reasonably sure, that science have finally found the Eau de Vie or elixir of eternal youth. I am a diabetic, and can attest to the above symptoms and it is no fun at all. 
The world’s first anti-ageing drug will be tested on humans next year in trials which could see diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s consigned to distant memory.
Scientists now believe that it is possible to actually stop people growing old as quickly and help them live in good health well into their 110s and 120s.
Although it might seem like science fiction, researchers have already proven that the diabetes drug metformin extends the life of animals, and the Food and Drug Administration in the US has now given the go ahead for a trial to see if the same effects can be replicated in humans.
If successful it will mean that a person in their 70's would be as biologically healthy as a 50 year old. It could usher in a new era of ‘geroscience’ where doctors would no longer fight individual conditions like cancer, diabetes and dementia, but instead treat the underlying mechanism – ageing. Read on...