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By Nicola Jones Mark Post has never been tempted to taste the 'fake' pork that he grows in his lab. As far as he knows, the only person who has swallowed a strip of the pale, limp muscle tissue is a Russian TV journalist who visited the lab this year to film its work. "He just took it with tweezers out of the culture dish and stuffed it in his mouth before I could say anything," saysPost."He said it was chewy and tasteless."
Post, who works at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands, is at the leading edge of efforts to make in vitro meat by growing animal muscle cells in a dish. His ultimate goal is to help rid the world of the wasteful production of farm animals for food by helping to develop life-like steaks. In the near term, he hopes to make a single palatable sausage of ground pork, showcased next to the living pig that donated its starter cells — if he can secure funds for his research.

Post started out as a tissue engineer interested …
Here is some excellent news I have just received from friend Doctor Al Sears who is on his way to a conference in Malaysia. I am however a whole lot more excited about his his stop over, to meet with Doctor Maria Blasco in Madrid Spain. She is the leading telomerase, the enzyme that  activates anti-aging. We Never Thought It Would Be This Simple Dear Andre, We never thought it was going to be that simple ... but amazingly, the telomere turns out to be the central control mechanism for aging. But now that we’ve discovered that you have a clock inside your cells, that tells the cell how old it is, we can measure it. Even more amazingly, we can go inside and reset that clock. It’s why I keep talking to you about products like Essence, that helps maintain your telomeres and keeps you younger for longer than anyone would ever guess was possible. But one thing I haven’t talked much about is the process of testing and measuring your telomeres. One of the stops I’m making on my way to Malaysia…


While beans are actually one of the healthiest carbohydrate sources available, loaded with
 fiber and protein, there's actually one variety of beans you should be AVOIDING at all costs:

Baked Beans.
Fact is, manufacturers of commercial "baked beans" are completely RUINING this health
 food by piling in sugars galore along with a slew of artificial ingredients.

Many brands are now even including high fructose corn syrup and numerous other corn ingredients, such as corn starch, in their products...bad news!

For example, a 1-cup serving of canned "baked beans" contains more than 20 grams of ADDED sugar on average while the same 1-cup serving of regular kidney beans, pinto 
beans, red beans, etc, contains only a gram or two of naturally occurring sugar. BIG 

That said, when buying beans and adding them to your diet (which is actually a great
 choice), make sure to avoid commercial "baked beans" products and instead go with
 bean products that don't a…

A letter To Me From My Friend Dr. Al Sears.

Al Sears, MD
11903 Southern Blvd., Ste. 208
Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411 April 26, 2013
Bird Flu Scare Tactics Dear Andre, Next week I’ll be on a flight from Kuala Lumpur back to Bali. I’ve been asked to return to Kuala Lumpur to be the featured speaker at this year’s International Congress on Anti-Aging in Malaysia based on the speech I gave there last year. The night before this year’s speech, at the gala reception, Dr. Raj Subramaniam, the leader of the Royal Anti-Aging Society of Malaysia, is going to give me the President’s achievement award. I’ve lectured all over the world, but I hope I don’t get self-conscious during my speech after an honor like that. Right after, I’m flying back to Bali to finish up the new book I’m working on, Natural Health from Paradise: Rediscovering Health Secrets from Bali. I’ll meet my friends Lelir and Westi, and they’re introducing me to two other traditional herbalists. So I have a lot of work to do in Bali before I come back. Still, with all these pla…
Can A Berry You’ve Never Heard Of
Keep You Out Of The Old Folks’ Home? Dear Loyal reader, As you know, when you lose your ability to take care of yourself, the chances are you could end up in one of those depressing "old folks’ homes." You know the kind, the ones lined with wheelchairs and filled with sad, lonely faces. Not a place you want to be. But there’s a little-known berry extract I use to keep my patients in control of their own lives. It may mean you never have to worry about feeling isolated, bored or separated from your family ever again. And I’ll bet you’ve never even heard of it. I discovered a nutrient that’s so effective at helping you live a long, active life, it gets my number one recommendation for staying fit, mobile and independent as you age. By using this little-known antioxidant, I believe you can avoid the tragedy of being locked away and forgotten when you get older. Here’s why: It works by changing the messages your genes send to the rest of your body…
The future of free energy is here, the end of the energy barons, war mongers and central bankers will soon follow. So, let's all demand this technology be implemented immediately.

Imagine the technology shown here interfaces with Corning's new Display Glass Technology. This is the future for all of us. Free Energy and Free Thinking, the free interchange of all vital information via a free energy system. This is what I have been working for this past decade and now it s hear in our very faces: Watch this groundbreaking video now and be inspired to start doing something about it CLICK HERE

Plastic and Cancerous Compounds in Tea Bags—A Surprising Source of Potential Toxins
I’ve long advocated drinking tea in lieu of coffee, but the downside of modern food technology is again rearing its ugly head and causing brand new health concerns over this otherwise healthful brew. A recent article in The Atlantic1 raises questions about the safety of plastic tea bags, some of which have fancy pyramid shapes, designed to allow the tea leaves to unfurl during infusion. Chances are you’ve never even given the tea bag a second thought. But indeed, some of the newer tea bags are made with a variety of plastics; some are nylon, some are made of viscose rayon, and others are made of thermoplastic, PVC or polypropylene.Read on...

"It Cleans The Planet As It Supply's Free Energy To All Of Humanity, From Thin Air"

The Searl Effect Generator (SEG) functions along the principles of a linear induction motor (LIM), but designed around a circular track for continuous motion of movable rotors. It is a magnetic prime mover of electromagnetic multi-phased cylindrical rollers over fixed stator rings and free of any mechanical wear or friction. The SEG’s stators and rollers are magnetic components uniquely magnetized or imprinted with matching magnetic pole patterns. While the neodymium layer serves as a source or reservoir of electroncharges that are drawn out by electromagnetic induction. These redial currents though the rollers makes for mechnical motion at right angles to both the electric and magnetic fields.Read on...
Power Of Yoga Against Violent Crime
Yoga and crime are words that are never used together in the same sentence, and this is one reason that I have combined them in this article. thinking of a stereotypical criminal, as someone who does Yoga just doesn't enter one's mind...
Crimes Against India In his best selling book, author Stephen Knapp writes: "In the darkest of eras that this world has seen and will see in the future, the Vedic tradition, the culture of yoga, will remain India’s gift to the people who inhabit this planet. It is this spiritual culture of Sanatana-dharma that remains the spiritual guide of humanity. This is the reason why India is here, and for the contribution that she makes, and the reason why we must work to protect it." What About Compulsory Yoga? When we think of criminals, we think of them as being angry, while Yogi are seen as sedentary and calm. The two are in fact so fa…
If You're So Smart, Why Are You So Fat?
.If we’re all so darn smart, then how come we are we so fat? Perhaps not every individual, but as humanity, we are definitely fat, since 70% of the adult population of the world is currently overweight or obese. : it’s not because we don’t know what to do. We know about hormones, for example. We’ve probably heard a thousand times just how important hormones are for weight loss

Just Hold On A Bit... If it’s so simple, why do so many of us have so much trouble doing it?
Why, in spite of the huge amount of information showing that high-glycemic carbohydrates (sugar) contribute directly to weight gain, cancer and also heart disease, do so many of us continue to binge on the very foods that make us tired, sick, depressed and fat? Why, in fact, do we continue to overindulge in cookies, chips, pasta, candies, ice cream, donuts and cereal, while ignoring the truth about them? Why do we keep finding these foods irresistible? And why do we …

"Global Poverty Is On The Verge Of Being Eradicated"

Bono chooses Prezi at TED 2013 In his recent TED Talk, U2 frontman and ONE founder Bono chose Prezi to make a startling announcement: global poverty is on the verge of being eradicated. Bono "embraces his inner nerd" and shares inspiring data that shows the end of poverty is in sight if we can harness the momentum. Bono uses his celebrity to fight for social injustice and an end to famine, poverty, and disease, especially in Africa. His nonprofit ONE raises awareness of extreme poverty via media and calls to action. Watch Bono present at TED 2013 using Prezi and explore the prezi he created.Watch this inspirational