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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Power Of Yoga Against Violent Crime

Yoga and crime are words that are never used together in the same sentence, and this is one reason that I have combined them in this article. thinking of a stereotypical criminal, as someone who does Yoga just doesn't enter one's mind...

Crimes Against India

In his best selling book, author Stephen Knapp writes: "In the darkest of eras that this world has seen and will see in the future, the Vedic tradition, the culture of yoga, will remain India’s gift to the people who inhabit this planet. It is this spiritual culture of Sanatana-dharma that remains the spiritual guide of humanity. This is the reason why India is here, and for the contribution that she makes, and the reason why we must work to protect it."

What About Compulsory Yoga?

When we think of criminals, we think of them as being angry, while Yogi are seen as sedentary and calm. The two are in fact so far apart that it's hard to imagine that someone who regularly undertakes a Yoga class could ever become a criminal. Yoga should perhaps become compulsory in fighting crime?

Teach Large Groups To Relax

All Yoga classes start with simple standing exercises - the exercise is breathing. You can spend a large part of a Yoga class simply concentrating on the reflex action of taking a deep breath, breathing in and feeling the life giving force permeating all the far reaches of the body, and then exhaling it just as deeply and completely. in this simple act of concentrating on your breathing you will experience an unparalleled ability to focus on your mental concentration. This allows us to clear out all unwanted or disturbing thoughts and to restore ourselves to a central point of balance, possibly even on a grander scale?

Yoga Removes Temptations

The Focusing and calming benefits of Yoga breathing exercises can, rapidly and easily clear away all types of temptations and distractions that may lead to criminal acts at least the impulsive ones. Let us imagine the great potential of that on habitual criminals - being able to take a moment before committing the crime, focusing their thoughts and instantly realizing that it is not their best course of action and should rather be avoided.

Most Violence Is Stress Related

In most domestic violence situations, too much stress and strain in a relationship. Statistics indicate that arguments that lead to acts of domestic violence are often the result of 'little things'. The final straw being one of a little thing being the cause, rather than the original big important issue. People should be taught at an early age to insert a mechanism to calm ourselves, sharpen our minds and rationally approach conflict situations. Domestic Violence is a direct result of people 'snapping' at one another. Uncluttering the mind and calming oneself would mean that people would never get to that point.

Using Self Calming Tools

There are other forms of violent crime which are similar to domestic violence - they occur when tensions rise up over time until one person snaps and pulls a knife or throws a punch. With the right self-calming tools in place such criminals would be far less likely to offend.

Why Does A Criminal Commit The Crime?

That is off course assuming that the criminal does not actually want to commit a crime and only does so due to a failure to see an alternative in a certain set of circumstances presenting themselves. If they are hungry and can simply take a loaf of bread they do so, or if they feel threatened, disrespected or unappreciated and see striking out as their only options. A calculating mind making a career of criminal activities would not benefit from Yoga because each crime is carefully pre-meditated.

Most people are familiar with the physical side and have at least heard of the mental and spiritual benefits of yoga, but very few know that the exercises that form the basis of Yoga are only the Western Worlds own interpretation of Yoga. Traditionally Indian Yoga includes an entire philosophy on how to treat one another and to live our lives. If criminals also followed this aspect of Yoga it would be possible to see crime disappear. One can only dream...

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