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Can A Berry You’ve Never Heard Of
Keep You Out Of The Old Folks’ Home?
Dear Loyal reader,
As you know, when you lose your ability to take care of yourself, the chances are you could end up in one of those depressing "old folks’ homes."
You know the kind, the ones lined with wheelchairs and filled with sad, lonely faces.
Not a place you want to be.
But there’s a little-known berry extract I use to keep my patients in control of their own lives. It may mean you never have to worry about feeling isolated, bored or separated from your family ever again.
And I’ll bet you’ve never even heard of it.
I discovered a nutrient that’s so effective at helping you live a long, active life, it gets my number one recommendation for staying fit, mobile and independent as you age.
By using this little-known antioxidant, I believe you can avoid the tragedy of being locked away and forgotten when you get older.
Here’s why: It works by changing the messages your genes send to the rest of your body.
That means you can actually "turn on" the genes that promote energy, vitality and long life and "turn off" the genes that cause trouble.
This one nutrient gives you the ability to influence your own genes and how they express themselves. So, even if you have a family history of health concerns, you can have more control over your life and your future.
Five years from now, when everyone else finds out about this, I predict it will be as well-known as CoQ10 or Vitamin D...
But you don’t have to wait that long.
Today I’ll show you how you can use this berry extract right away to:
  • Keep your memory sharp by maintaining key neurotransmitters in your brain...
  • Limit the expression of nuclear factor-kappa B (NF-kB), the gene regulator that keeps inflammation normal and healthy...
  • Manage your weight by keeping your blood sugar normalized...
  • Maintain a strong, vigorous heart and cholesterol levels within the normal range...
  • And much more...
Here’s how it works...
Up to 400% More Bioavailable Than Resveratrol
This super-antioxidant, a "phytoalexin" found in grapes and blueberries, is related to the famous "red wine nutrient" resveratrol. But unlike its weaker cousin, this power-house is 4 times more likely to be taken up by your cells.
Studies show this new phytoalexin is more oil-soluble than resveratrol, and that makes it easier to absorb when you take it as a supplement. Recent research papers rank its bioavailability at 80% vs. just 20% for resveratrol... with a 200% to 400% better chance of being used by your cells.
It’s also much more stable. So it stays in your blood even longer than resveratrol: 105 minutes vs. just 14 minutes for resveratrol.
That doesn’t mean resveratrol is useless. In fact, these two nutrients work together. And I’ll show you what I mean in just a moment.
First, I want to show you what this extra "bioavailability" really means for you...
The power of this berry extract... called pterostilbene (terro-STILL-bean)… is its ability to influence HOW your genes express themselves inside your body to benefit your optimal health.
There are gene regulators inside you called peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPARs).
Resveratrol and pterostilbene "switch on," or increase, the production and activity of PPARs.
That means they launch a set of "commands" that activates the genes that promote excellent health throughout a long life.

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