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As an entrepreneur, songwriter, and speaker, Alex Jasin's purpose is simple: To create the life he's always imagined, and to help others do the same. He's had to overcome obstacles, fear, and self-doubt. Alex graduated college in Finance, and immediately went on to pave a different path. he has been told repeatedly that he wouldn’t make it, and that he was really on his own. In spite of this, he had this drive to keep learning and pushing forward no matter the odds. He fully knew the path that he was choosing was a risky one, untraditional, but he had always been aiming to live a life outside of the ordinary. He failed…a lot. Big time. But just kept going, kept his mind focused, and hustled until things changed for the better. Alex believes that collaboration, community, and choosing to overcome fear and negative thinking is imperative. If you change your thinking, anything is possible. If you would like to connect with Alex, (who wouldn't?) here is his link: http://a…