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Is Your Life Over After 50?

Hello, Are you feeling lately, like you’re running out of time to be the person you dreamed to become when you were little?
Do you ever resent yourself for not having a more successful life? 
Do you ever worry that you’ll never fulfill your purpose in life?
If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then listen closely… Because even if you haven’t reached all your goals yet, doesn’t mean you can’t still achieve them! In fact, your fifties can be much better than your twenties!
Watch this video and see how wrong you are.


Yes, finally the right person receives credit for his noble deeds. Read all about it here

Recover Lost Bubblews Posts

World’s first anti-ageing drug could see humans live to 120

Here is an incredible skin rejuvenator

One day, I overheard my husband refer to me as a “wrinkled old prune.” When I confronted him, he went as far as boldly telling me “I CHEATED on you because you’re too old!” and then he divorced me! This was a painful, humiliating shock. Until that point, no one had ever addressed the fact that my face had gotten so wrinkled and old and I had been in denial. Today, I am thankful for that comment because it motivated me. I knew I needed to get my face and skin healthy for me, and me alone. Had I not changed my lifestyle, I am certain I was on my way to looking like an old, dried-up prune. I took a long, painful look in the mirror and knew I had to do something fast!" Ashley tried one method after another with little or no results. She even considered plastic surgery but was hesitant to go under the knife. Thing were looking hopeless until a few w…

The Daily Show - Trevor Noah Continues the War on Bulls**t


Foods Right In Your Kitchen ThatHeal The Deadliest Diseases

Stock up and increase your daily intake of these fruits and veggies! Fruits and veggies like tomatoes, cucumbers, apples and kale are all noted for being alkaline-rich foods that fight chronic inflammation.

Dubai World Record Eagle Flight

Is There A Dark Google Secret, You May Not Know About?

What constitutes a secret?

"A trade secret is a formula, practice, process, design, instrument, pattern, commercial method, or compilation of information which is not generally known or reasonably ascertainable by others, and by which a business can obtain an economic advantage over competitors or customers." By Wikipedia.

This Timeline equals 1 Googol?
I am using the part where it states, "information which is not generally known." and as such, I'm quoting the opening statement from the brand new book: “The Google Story” written by David A Vise and Mark Malseed which is a tribute to Google and its brilliant founders: “Not since Gutenberg invented the modern printing press more than 500 years ago, making books and scientific tomes affordable and widely available to the masses, has any new invention empowered individuals, and transformed access to information, as profoundly as Google.” 

In quoting the opening statement from the brand new book: “The Google Story” wri…
This post is by far the most viewed on my blog and I would like to finally clarify all the pro's and con's about whey protein, so here is a final comment from Will Brink, a nutrition expert, enjoy the content,

Regards Andre'

I hope this article finally clears up the major confusion. Whey is great stuff for many reasons, but you won't add mounds of muscle in ultra short time from the simple addition of whey to your diet. If there is one thing that continues to perplex me, it is the disparity between how popular whey protein is and how much confusion there is regarding this immensely popular supplement. <!-- Begin Form HTML -->
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Remarkable Health Hiding In Plain Sight!

It's finally here! We are so excited about the release of our brand new anti-aging NATURAL foods manual! Please take 2 minutes to read this page and discover the exciting (and SIMPLE) ways the foods you eat can turn back the hands of time to help you look and feel YEARS younger! (Also make sure you read to the end of this page because we have a special surprise that you'll be excited about) Read on...

Same Word Used For Crisis and Opportunity!

When you look at the words in my headline, they invoke a whole range of contrasting thoughts concerning their meaning. I am of course using the words in both their literal as well as in their metaphorical sense. What I’m saying, is that powerful lost spices of life in my kitchen also imply, that besides the curative value of the featured rare and powerful spices and minerals, I write about, I am also including some literary gems, “spiced” just right for those with a discerning taste. To quote but one such powerful “spice” I include this:”Did you know that the word the Chinese use for “Crisis” is the same word they use for opportunity?”

Higher Ground (2011) Exclusive New HD Trailer

Man, do I have some great news here or not?

Yes, I know just what you must be thinking, here's another sales pitch! Well in a way you are right, but not entirely, please wait a moment, just read this and you will see that there really is no actual sales pitch and yes, wherever you eventually end up getting this natural product or what brand you actually end up buying will be entirely up to you. So, you see, I'm not selling you anything, I am sharing with you some amazing results someone other than me, is getting, and she is sharing her incredible results with the world for free. 

DIET Pamela, who is of South Asian origin, eats a super-healthy diet based largely on vegetables and topped up with good proteins such as salmon.
+13 Fresh-faced: Pamela eats a daily handful of almonds and eats a vegetable-based diet Many of the dishes she makes are Asian and are spiced up with ginger, cumin and turmeric, among other…

She Is Not Yours Till You Have Been More Hers!

The Art of Constructive Criticism: Trailblazing Feminist Margaret Fuller Rejects Young Thoreau and Helps Him Improve His Writing by Maria Popova “I can have no advice or criticism for a person so sincere; but, if I give my impression of him, I will say, ‘He says too constantly of Nature, she is mine.’ She is not yours till you have been more hers.” Few things reveal your intellect and your generosity of spirit — the parallel powers of your heart and mind — better than how you give feedback, especially if it is to a friend and especially if the work in question leaves something to be desired. Evidence like Samuel Beckett’smasterwork of tough loveand poet Thom Gunn’srole in Oliver Sacks’s evolution as a writerfurther impresses how rare the masters of this delicate, monumental art of constructive criticism are. But there is no greater genius at it than trailblazing journalist, essayist, and editorMargaret Fuller, whose 1845 bookWoman in the Nineteenth Centuryendures as a foundational text of…

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