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About Me

My name is Andre' Hartslief and I love my life! I get to create content for budding and experienced Internet
marketers and website owners. I love that I get to put my creative abilities to good use by creating
valuable content for my clients that increase their revenue and maximizes their profits. I like to give
much more than I am paid for. I believe you should not only be satisfied with my work but absolutely
thrilled and delighted. I aim to satisfy and exceed all expectations.
When I’m not hard at work, I like to read and hanging with my family and my dog, Anana and enjoying fine music. I am
a nature lover at heart, so getaways are always anticipated. I love meeting new people and
learning languages so studying cultures and language from all over the world are a huge part of my life as well. We only have one life to
live, so I prefer to live my life in a way that is enjoyable and fulfilling.
You can reach me at Andre G Hartslief


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3 PART NOVELLA -By Andre' Hartslief

PART ONE This strange story did not happen to me, and with all the fake garbage floating around on the Internet, like a cyber version of flotsam and jetsom, It will be a hard story to sell as the truth. But, what if something incredibly mindboggling really happened to you, I’m sure you would want to be taken seriously, at least by your best friend? Well, my best friend at the time, told me this strange tale and she wanted desperately for me to believe her, I believe her! Margaret, (not her real name), is a freelance Chartered Accountant and regularly does the books for smaller, country businesses. One particular day, she was driving along Bridgeville, Delaware, her latest assignment at the time. She had just passed the unique welcome signage at the entrance to the town of Bridgeville which declares:”If you lived here, you would be home now.” Bridgeville is a small town in Sussex County, Delaware. Margaret started three days earlier and was settling into the generally uneventful even some…

The Lazarus Cure

One day my friend Jake hopped onto his bicycle and, like he had done many times before, my good friend and "weekend warrior" entered himself into a long-distance racing event. 

The event was to last seven days. But Jake never made it to the end of the first day. 

He suffered a massive heart attack and died before reaching the hospital. 

He was 63 years of age. 

When I heard the news I was as shocked as anyone. 

I am no stranger to death, but when someone with vitality is suddenly snatched away like this it is a sombre reminder that no-one is immune to the laws of biology, and that we take our fate in our hands every single day that we take our health for granted.

I do not know what killed Jake that day. Many factors might have contributed. Stress, diet, high blood pressure coupled with poor medical intervention, or none at all... Who knows? But I can say two things with some degree of certainty. 

The first is that despite the apparent "out of the blue" nature of his death…