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About Me

My name is Andre' Hartslief and I love my life! I get to create content for budding and experienced Internet
marketers and website owners. I love that I get to put my creative abilities to good use by creating
valuable content for my clients that increase their revenue and maximizes their profits. I like to give
much more than I am paid for. I believe you should not only be satisfied with my work but absolutely
thrilled and delighted. I aim to satisfy and exceed all expectations.
When I’m not hard at work, I like to read and hanging with my family and my dog, Anana and enjoying fine music. I am
a nature lover at heart, so getaways are always anticipated. I love meeting new people and
learning languages so studying cultures and language from all over the world are a huge part of my life as well. We only have one life to
live, so I prefer to live my life in a way that is enjoyable and fulfilling.
You can reach me at Andre G Hartslief