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Here is some excellent news I have just received from friend Doctor Al Sears who is on his way to a conference in Malaysia. I am however a whole lot more excited about his his stop over, to meet with Doctor Maria Blasco in Madrid Spain. She is the leading telomerase, the enzyme that  activates anti-aging. 
We Never Thought It Would Be This Simple
Dear Andre,
We never thought it was going to be that simple ... but amazingly, the telomere turns out to be the central control mechanism for aging.
But now that we’ve discovered that you have a clock inside your cells, that tells the cell how old it is, we can measure it. Even more amazingly, we can go inside and reset that clock. It’s why I keep talking to you about products like Essence, that helps maintain your telomeres and keeps you younger for longer than anyone would ever guess was possible.
But one thing I haven’t talked much about is the process of testing and measuring your telomeres.
One of the stops I’m making on my way to Malaysia is Madrid, Spain. I’m going there to meet with the founder and president of the company that makes the telomere length test we use here at my Wellness Center.
His name is Steve Matlin, and his company is called Life Length. He founded it with Dr. Maria Blasco, who I’ll also be meeting. She’s the current Director of the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) and the chief scientific advisor to Life Length.
She’s the leading anti-aging researcher in the world and has been given 300 employees by the government of Spain to run the CNIO, and something like 230 of them are M.D.s or have PhDs.
If you’ve never heard of Dr. Blasco, she’s one of the world’s leading researchers on telomeres, and the 2004 European Molecular Biology Organization Gold Medal winner. She was also the lead researcher who performed the breakthrough clinical trial that proved activating telomerase in an adult animal could extend their lifespan.
The mice Dr. Blasco and her colleagues treated so that they would produce telomerase – the enzyme that rebuilds the telomere – lived an amazing 24% longer on average. And the mice had a huge improvement in their health, with less disease and improved brain function and muscular coordination.1
Life Length’s Telomere Analysis Technology (TAT) was developed by Dr. Blasco. She published a peer-reviewed study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that validated the accuracy of Life Length’s testing method.2
What Life Length does is measure your average telomere length and the percentage of critically short telomeres you have. In fact, they make the only test that can measure percentage of short telomeres in individual cells from both blood and tissue samples.
That makes it more useful to you, because the measurement is then a more relevant indicator of telomere dysfunction and cellular aging.
We’ve tested over 20 patients at my Wellness Center with the Life Length test and measured their telomere length and then gotten results from all the different parameters. And I’ll be showing the results of those tests to attendees of the World Anti-Aging Conference in Malaysia.

One of the easiest and best ways to maintain your telomeres is a surprise to many people when I reveal it to them... simply raise your HDL as high as you can.
A recent study took a group of people and measured their telomere length. Researchers reported that those with shorter telomeres were likely to have a family history of cardiovascular disease.
But when I read a little deeper into the study, I discovered that the researchers had also found that separate from any other measurement, those with the highest HDL had the longest telomeres.3
It doesn’t surprise me that high HDL would be associated with longer telomeres and a longer, healthier life. In fact, the higher your cholesterol, the lower your chances are of dying from any cause.4
One of the best ways to raise your HDL and maintain the length of your telomeres is to take the vitamin E you may have never heard of: tocotrienols.
Vitamin E is actually a group of eight nutrients, four tocopherols, and four tocotrienols. Studies show that tocotrienols give your HDL a huge boost.5
Cranberries, coconuts, chicken and palm oil have tocotrienols, but not much. Personally, my favorite source is annatto. I first encountered it in the Andes Mountains. The natives there recognize annatto oil as a powerful health tonic.
You can find annatto and palm oil at your local health food store or specialty grocery store. You can also use a tocotrienols supplement. Look for one that has as much gamma and delta tocotrienols as you can get, because those are the two that seem to have the most benefit.

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