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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Telling The Story

Often people wonder about the accounts of ancient happenings, whether they were genuine or are they just legends? This is particularly so about Jesus of Nazareth. Did they actually happen or were they false, or at best, somewhat embellished? How much had they been altered and dramatized by the story tellers handing them on, down the centuries?

There is a broad consensus, that Mark's gospel is more likely to be the first one and to have been dictated to him by Peter. It is fairly safe to assume, that Mark had not witnessed everything which he wrote about, but Peter had. Later, Mathew and Luke followed, copying much of Mark's story. Later still, John's story, is written and seems to differ from and even attempts to correct the others. John writes about "the other disciple" and seems to be referring to himself in this regard.

Only a person who was there and could remember the actual incidents would be likely to include the small detail about who went where first, it had that ring of authenticity about it. Apart from some minor details, the stories we read are reliable accounts of what actually happened. These eyewitnesses had written their stories down before they had died, to prevent the stories from being lost, and so the records were passed on, translated, interpreted and mulled over for 2000 years.

Those events had brought hope and life to people who had seen Jesus and had heard him in person and today those very same events have the power to bring about change, hope and life to billions.
If at any time you had felt comforted by the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth please allow these words to re kindle the light of your spiritual life.

Andre' Hartslief