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5 Memory-Killing Foods You Should NEVER Eat

  • A sweet treat you can find at your local grocery store to boost your memory and brain power'
  • A 6,000 year-old Indian remedy - proven to work in 14 modern scientific studies - that will restore your memory and learning abilities, making you feel decades younger
  • A simple, 10-second mind-focusing technique you can use anywhere at any time to instantly feel sharper and more focused;

Hello Dear Follower,

"Did you know that what you have for breakfast can single-handedly make or break your ENTIRE day?"

"Depending on what you eat for the one meal, you'll either be sharp as a tack and laser-focused for the rest of the day... OR you'll have the attention span of a flea, get absolutely nothing done, and forget the important things you are supposed to remember. It's true - let me explain."

Which of These Two Breakfasts Do You Eat?

Breakfast option #1 has you sharp and focused all morning, knocking out task after task, and solving problems creatively and efficiently. Your energy doesn't flag as you work up a healthy appetite for lunch.

Breakfast option #2 has you dragging only an hour later. Unable to concentrate, you reach for that forbidden snack and a cup of coffee.

You feel the familiar rush... but minutes later brain fog returns, so you keep snacking. At lunch you know you should eat healthy, but you end up satisfying your guilty cravings instead.

If breakfast option #2 sounds painfully familiar, don't worry.

The solution is to stop eating the 5 toxic foods that zap your brain, slow your thinking, destroy your concentration and energy, and cause those embarrassing "senior" moments.

By doing so, you'll instantly feel decades younger as your memory gets a boost, while your concentration and focus improve tremendously.

The 5 Foods You're Eating that Are Toxic for Your Brain...

Made up of simple carbs such as white flours and sugars, there are 5 toxic foods that release a tidal wave of sugar into your blood when digested. Your body reacts by releasing an avalanche of insulin from your pancreas - which quickly drives your blood sugar levels down again, literally within minutes.

In fact, insulin does this so efficiently that your body quickly feels it's being "starved" and produces hunger pangs and cravings... setting up the next cycle of snacking, sugar rush, and the crash that follows.

Such cycles of sugar highs, massive insulin release, and sugar lows means your brain cells can't do their job properly... leaving you slow, sluggish, and tired.

And the Science Backs this Up... 

In fact, many scientific studies show that a diet of simple carbs interferes with learning and memory.1 For instance in one study, nineteen schoolchildren were given one of three different breakfasts for four weeks.2 Each breakfast gave them the same amount of energy, but released sugar differently into their blood.

The children whose breakfast caused sugar to enter their blood the slowest were seen to perform better than the others on memory tests. They could also concentrate better and for longer periods, while showing fewer signs of frustration.

Super-charging Your Brain Cells... 

In other words, consuming foods that release sugar rapidly is nothing more than a recipe for loss of concentration, impaired learning ability, foggy memory, and overall mental decline.

But when you leave the 5 toxic foods out of your diet, your blood sugar doesn't seesaw up and down wildly - and your brain cells work the way they should, keeping you alert, sharp, and focused no matter what your age.

Remember, keep an open mind to new ideas, but ALWAYS do your own homework...and combine that with common sense to figure out what's best for YOU.

Also catch Doctor Mercola's article below and take charge of your life by doing the basic research I suggest.. He has included many of the bad varmints as well as some of their natural enemies.
Naturally yours

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