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Don't Fight Your Fear! You will Lose The Fight!

FEAR Is Not A Real Thing, Fear is only Your Interpretation of a strange new Situation!

Maybe, we have been looking at fear in the wrong way all along! 

I was recently listening to a podcast compilation of various bestselling authors offering tips to upcoming online writers on how they have succeeded in spite of their individual fears and had forged ahead and succeeded in the constant shadow of their worst fears of failure, ridicule, not being good enough to compete with professional writers etc.

They succeeded, not in destroying their fears, but in spite of them. Listening to these master-writers explain about their crippling fears, which had in most cases, kept them from reaching their dreams, and how, they just forged ahead until finally finishing their path-finding breakthrough work.

Right off the bat, here is a four step strategy to start any new and unknown strategy, from one of the best:

* Expect To Be Nervous!

* Get All The Information You Think You Will Need.

* Expect That You Will Be Taking Longer, Even 3 to 4 
   times longer than you usually do.

* Don't Hesitate-jump right in with both feet and give it all
   you have got and usually the results will turn out much better 
   than you imagined.

In case you didn't know, FEAR NEVER LEAVES YOU!
So don't waste another minute of your precious time trying to destroy it and just go ahead and do what you need to do, starting with those parts you know and can do then bit by dedicated bit, follow through, into the light of victory!

Always remember as you go along, to at all times, act like a professional, whether you are writing an article on your web page, or anywhere else, have your omni-present fear, but do the work anyway. it may be an informative response you are writing on Linked In, an email, a Facebook comment or a guest post you are posting, always put yourself out there and over-deliver! 

A Bestselling writer, Ed Gandia has this to say:"If you can believe, that at some point in your future life you would be looking back at the things that you are fearing today, would you wonder why you were so afraid? If so, why not start acting that way right now?" 

What I'm asking, is why not start acting now, like the person you soon will be? The very same person who will be looking back at what you're facing right now and laugh at the thought of this puny challenge having once been the scariest thing in your whole world." 

Seriously, my friend, your life is far too short and precious for that. We are all meant to live our lives to the fullest while we’re here on earth, just stop shortchanging yourself by not being all you can be through your baseless fears. Push through them because  what lies on the other side of that fear is much greater and important than the actual fear itself.

Take care,
Happy writing,



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