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                               Author: PRIOR TO TAKING CINNAMON

Iv'e been battling the scourge of diabetes type 2 for years even lost my right lower leg and going completely blind as well all of which happened to me while I was on the maximum dosage of Dionil or Glycomin as well as Metformin. Fortunately my sight was restored through laser surgery and lens implants.
Being mostly confined to a wheelchair, my weight, especially in my waist and thighs suddenly started increasing rapidly, so much so, that the wheelchair had started cutting off the circulation in my remaining leg and stump.To say nothing of my rising blood pressure and increasing bouts of depression. In spite of any bad situation thrown at me during my 60 years of life, I somehow always managed to bounce back as the eternal optimist. Nothing ever got me down for long, but lately, after a whole spate of disappointments, too painful to mention, I was finally ready to throw in the towel.
The medication was just not working anymore and my blood sugar levels were in the upper 20s , while they should be below 10, with sugar this out of control there are a whole host of life threatening conditions I was now exposed to. I did just two things that brought my sugar crashing down! I threw my prescription meds into the trash can and and took half a teaspoon of pure cinnamon powder on half a glass of hot water. When I checked my sugar level, it was 7!  It has not been under 20 for years. The next morning before breakfast, I rechecked the sugar level and it was 7.5. After breakfast, I took half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder again but added it to a quarter of a cup of unsweetened yogurt, and the result was the same, 7.3.

I have now been taking the daily dosage of half a teaspoon on a quarter of a cup of unsweetened yogurt for over a month and my sugar levels have remained steadily under 10. I was so inspired by these results, that I have also now started a weightloss regime based on vegetable and animal proteins and green salads. The proteins have no effect on the low sugar readings and I need much less proteins than carbohydrates to have a sense satiety and my weight is starting to come down as well now. I also drink about 5 glasses of water per day.


The weightloss presentation on this website will show you how I lost several kilos of persistant fat as well as several centimeters of my waist in under an hour per week while enjoying tasty fat burning foods throughout the entire day! What will really please you, is that this is no fake or fad diet,  This is a very real technique packed brimfull with healthy and nutricious foods that are combined to fight off your junk food cravings  by enhancing your efforts using unique short exercises that activate your body’s own ability to start fat burning as well as the mindset tips you need to stay lean, heathy and strong permanently. As far as medical disclaimers go, I urge any person intending to embark on any weightloss program, to get medical advice prior to doing so, as no liability will be accepted for whatever reason.

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