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"You’re The Guardian Angel"

"2012 is almost something of the past, with Christmas looming up in two days; this inevitably leads to some serious introspection about the fickle temporal aspects of life in our world we call home. We inevitably think of the ones, no longer among us, who had set out in great anticipation of the as yet uncharted year 2012, yes, having perhaps even for the briefest of moments considered the possibility of the catastrophic event referred to as the“Mayan Prophecy” which lay ahead and of the predictions of the utter annihilation of our beloved Blue planet and all life as we know it. supposedly to have occurred  yesterday, the 21st December, having had no inclination of the impending life ending consequences of an ordinary decision to take an alternative route one morning or leaving work a few seconds earlier, would end in their death and the complete destruction of a family unit. Or even perhaps boarding one of several fatally doomed aircraft.  They simply had no idea that they would not be counting down to the birth of the new year 2013.

Crisis brings out the best in some of us and the worst in others. Most of us tense up with fear or panic. Some go to pieces. Some people are never quite the same again. Others weather the storm and use the crisis as vital material for learning, insight and growth. So much of what we do and what goes on in the world is communication. Television, radio, newspapers, books, reports, magazines, letters, telephones and computers- all of which are constantly revolving around communication in one way or another, yet, people who are deeply in love don’t have to use words. They just look into each others eyes and the looks that are exchanged say it all.

In His prayer, Jesus was talking to his Father, God. It was the very night before his crucifixion. His own impending death had not caught him by surprise; he faced it with obedience, calmness, deep faith and unshakable courage. He knew it was the climax of his entire ministry here and that God was doing a big thing through him. For this, he was filled with joy- perhaps even the only person in the entire situation who was. His wish for his disciples was that they should also have his joy while he would soon no longer be physically with them. Only hours away from the cross, and his only thoughts for them was, not that they should try and “manage” or try to “survive” or try to “pull through” but that they would know joy.

Some people manage to crack jokes or smile even in the darkest of situations. Not too many, off course. If you are facing a crisis right now, try to claim some of Jesus joy. Don’t just put on a happy face for the sake of impressing those around you and kid yourself that you are brave. Find God’s voice inside your heart, He will only reveal himself in this way. It is at the heart of and in the selfless way of all followers of the universal Almighty. All other things are merely peripheral-just “optional extras”. Let it become the entire source and purpose of the rest of your life, cherish it by giving it away freely and as you increase the giving of yourself to others, the more it will grow within you and shape your entire existence. We need to look at our life as an occasion, and to then simply rise to it.  A merry Christmas and a joyous New Year to all the thousands of loyal readers of my blog, I am including a screenshot right here:

PS. Go and find the arms of your Angel within your own selfless deeds of charity where ever they are needed, often in the most undeserving of situations and may you find some comfort there."

Warm regards,
Andre, Hartslief

Enjoy this remarkable song by Sarah Mc Clauchlan


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