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Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Chuckle

Hi, It's an American-ism, but Hi is a word that non the less sits comfortably on most tongues worldwide. In my frantic search for digestible snippets or "spices", worthy of the discerning and most appreciated readers of my blog this morning, who most obviously share my hunger for the kind of content which I post here. It  pleases me greatly to learn, that from our humble beginnings of less than twenty readers per month a short while ago, our numbers have grown into a formidable group of readers coming from all the corners of the Globe, as my subscribers currently total in the tens of thousands!

Although the comments box can do with more of your most valued input or critique from time to time I am over the moon about your interest in what I generally have to say here. Just one such priceless snippet I came across today while scouring one of my reliable sources, the digital newspaper S.A.Mail & Guardian for content. My inspiration for sharing the article stems from the  current speculation doing the rounds, about the possibility of a black Pope from Africa taking up the reigns of the Catholic church in the Vatican and also coupled with deputy A.N.C.president Mr Cyril Ramamaphosa's call on Saturday for Christians to be the moral compass when it came to crimes such as rape.

Ramaphosa was quoted in the City Press as having said at the Pentecostal Holiness Church on Saturday: "It falls on us as Christians. We must say, this is a sin and it is a crime. "we are the ones as Christians, who must stand up and say: "Corruption, we will never accept it because it is a sin, it is a crime. All of the above speculation and speeches have prompted the creation of a cute and timely video titled: Pimples|Dude, where's our moral compass? Created by Kevin Goliath & Adrian Ephriam (Mail & Guardian) Enjoy.
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