Spices Of Life From Your Kitchen Shelf

Friday, March 7, 2014

Just in case you missed it...

3/02/14 – Your doctor can’t offer you a singular "magic pill" for preventing or treating heart disease. Even if they could, it could never be as safe and effective as this natural remedy. This ancient Indian secret is an all-in-one solution to protecting your heart from disease—everything from angina, to blood pressure, cholesterol, and more.
3/04/14 – It’s one of the most dangerous—and addictive—substances you can put in your body. It’s a major cause of the most deadly diseases around. This stuff is 94 percent more addictive than cocaine, and it’s hiding in your pantry.

3/05/14 – Allergies, hives, arthritis... They’re all autoimmune conditions and most medications do nothing to help painful symptoms. That’s because drugs don’t fix what’s really wrong. This natural vitamin reduces your symptoms by 30 percent in just one week.
3/06/14 – A stunning cancer breakthrough has come from a place you’d never expect. Deep in the Austrian Alps, a thawing glacier has uncovered a medical secret hidden since before the pyramids of Egypt. And this discovery may hold the key to a cure for cancer.