Spices Of Life From Your Kitchen Shelf

Thursday, February 7, 2013


More and more research confirms what we've been saying all along… The foods you eat can—quite simply—make you or break you.  A recent study on one specific fruit is the perfect example…

black raspberries fight colon cancer
Chicago researchers tested this fruit on mice. They published their findings in Cancer Prevention Research.1Researchers divided mice into two groups and induced them with forms of colon cancer. They fed both groups a high-risk diet with one key difference… Researchers supplemented some of the diets with this fruit for 12 weeks.
The mice that ate the fruit had fewer tumors. Mice with tumors in their small intestine showed a decrease in tumor size by 45 percent. And the total number of tumors decreased by 60 percent.
The mice induced with cancer in their large intestines had a 50 percent reduction of tumor development. The fruit also reduced inflammation. That’s vital when it comes to stopping cancer cells.
All they had to do was eat one type of berry. But it’s not your average berry…
Black raspberries. Not to be confused with blackberries.
And make no mistake. This news is pretty huge. Colon cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer-related deaths.2 But if caught early it can be treated and cured. Read on...