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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


The Friendly Bacteria

Inside each of us live vast numbers of bacteria without which we could not remain in good health. Before looking at the amazing things they do, reflect on just how many of them we house.
There are several thousand billion in each person (more than all the cells in the body) divided into four hundred species, most of them living in the digestive tract. If they were all placed together the total weight of this "friendly" bacteria would come to nearly four pounds and, in fact, about a third of the fecal matter (water removed) which you pass consists of dead or viable bacteria.
The Role of Friendly Bacteria in Health.
These bacteria are not parasites. They do not just take up residence and do nothing in return, but perform many important functions in the body. We live in true symbiosis with them. As long as we provide them with a reasonable diet and as long as they remain in good health, these bacteria provide excellent service in return.
However, not all of the friendly bacteria perform the same functions, some being far more useful and plentiful than others. These are the ones presented here. Certain bacteria help to maintain good health while others have a definite value in helping us regain health once it has been upset.

Enter the  breakthrough substance Actazin

Actazin has a four-way action on gut health
  1. Prokinetic enzyme activity gently stimulates gut motility and helps normalize bowel transit time

  1. Prebiotics support the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut

  1. Insoluble fiber promotes regularity and softens stools without gas or bloating

  1. Polyphenolics support beneficial bacteria, inhibits cellular adhesion of pathogens and maintain long term digestive health
Actazin is a unique product, as it offers a combination of all 4 of the key elements essential for good digestion – and they are all derived from one natural ingredient, the New Zealand green kiwifruit.

 Product Description
ACTAZIN is a whole food kiwifruit supplement ingredient that supports digestive health. This nutrient dense ingredient utilizes the New Zealand green Kiwifruit which has superior growing conditions that increase the polyphenolic content.
ACTAZIN has a unique, natural composition of nutrients including prebiotics, fiber, polyphenolics, and kiwi-unique enzymes.